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2AJ 2018 Our Local Endangered Frogs

2AJ 2018 Our Local Endangered Frogs

This book was created by Year Two students from class 2AJ at Banora Point Primayr School as part of a term long learning project on frogs. The project focused on endangered frogs in our local area and included in-depth research in the classroom using non-fiction resources, with support from John Pumpurs, a local frog expert.

The initial work and research centered on the study of Australian frogs in general. Though studying frogs in depth, the class learned research skills and strategies required to read non-fiction texts, participate in group research and write information reports.

In pairs, students selected a different species of frog to research, illustrate and write about. Each report follows a similar formate and contains descriptive information; including appearance, diet, habitat, life cycle and threats to individual frogs.

The students became an export on their endangered frog. They created multiple drafts and participated in multiple rounds of critique to produce a high-quality piece of work.

The students took a lot of care and time into creating their final products and the result is an incredible compilation of non-fiction information reports about threatened frogs in the Tweed, Gold Coast area.


Please click the link below to view a digital version of our book.


Our Local Endangered Frogs