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Student Projects

Banora Point Primary School has in recent years taken significant steps to build high quality Project Based Learning. The school has undertaken substantial professional learning in student engaged assessment practices, explicit instruction and effective project design. 

The school has deployed leaders of their own learning under the guidance of Cyndi Gueswell former Managing Director of Professional Learning for EL Education (USA). This work has facilitated staff to empower students to step up and own their growth and development in learning and to apply this to real world tasks beyond the school gate. Ownership of purpose for learning.

All classes undertook a project in Terms 2 and 3 in 2019 sharing their work with a celebration of learning. This page is dedicated to honoring this high quality student work so that it may be enjoyed into the future.

Thank you to an amazing staff who continue to show great commitment to their own Professional Learning journey.

P Taylor



2C Monet's Garden

5E Local Volunteers


2AJ Our Local Endangered Frogs