Banora Point Public School

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About our school

Our vision

A collaborative and harmonious community empowering successful learners.

Our mission

Banora Point Primary School's mission is to ensure the provision of optimum educational outcomes by continually striving to meet the changing needs of the school community efficiently and effectively.

Statement of belief

We believe that children succeed at school:

  • by being immersed in positive learning situations 
  • by being exposed to ‘positive models’ 
  • through involvement with those who hold high expectations for them 
  • by accepting responsibility for their learning through the development of the decision-making process 
  • by having time and opportunity to use and practice their developing control in functional, realistic, non-artificial ways 
  • by making approximations of the desired models which are essential if learning is to occur 
  • by receiving feedback from exchanges with more knowledgeable persons. This response must be appropriate, readily available, non-threatening, with ‘no strings attached’.

Strategic goals


To enable students to achieve high standards and develop selfconfidence, high self-esteem and a commitment to personal excellence based on a positive set of values and to actively respect the beliefs and rights of others.


To ensure effective teaching and learning by enhancing staff confidence, expertise, commitment, and job satisfaction.


To foster a positive relationship between the school, its parents, parent bodies, and community using co-operative interaction.


To implement curriculum and policies in a relevant, challenging, and interesting manner to ensure quality educational outcomes for our students.


To use technologies which enhance the delivery, quality and effectiveness of teaching, learning, and administration.


To ensure that this school is well-led, managed, and maintained.


To support programs by the equitable allocation and effective use of resources.


To provide an attractive, safe, and harmonious environment.


To foster parent and community participation in this school and pride in public education. 

Information Booklet 2024

BPPS 2024 Information Booklet