Banora Point Public School

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Principal's message

As the super proud principal of Banora Point Public School, it gives me great joy every day to work closely with our students, staff, and the local and wider community to lead a school that excels, both in the way we nurture and care for our students and in their academic success.

Our school vision is to provide 'a collaborative and harmonious community; empowering successful learners'. We aim to enable academic excellence in a setting that also provides the highest standards in quality of care for our students.

Our school operates under the banner statement of "Engaging minds, Empowering success". It underpins all that we do, from what and how we deliver learning in the classrooms, to the way our staff operates as a team. It is how we appoint teaching staff, design our NSW curriculum, and involve student voice in our school's decision-making process.

'Engaging minds' is about students, staff and parents being connected, involved, and invested in our learning and school. We are ready to embrace opportunities, challenge ourselves to do better than our best and 'dig deep' when required.

'Empowering success' is about understanding your influence and recognising you are the one who has influence on what happens next. We can assess information, make decisions and learn from our experiences.

It is of the utmost importance for our students, parents and staff to feel a strong sense of belonging as part of our school and to create an environment where we are an integral and valued part of this school community.

Our Strategic Directions at Banora Point Public School for 2021-2025 are:

1. Student growth and attainment

2. Positive school culture

3. Evidenced-based and transparent decision-making

I look forward to working with our entire school community to continue to deliver on these improvement measures. Our school always strives to provide the best opportunities for our students in partnership with our families.

Being a principal - it's the best job in the world. You have an opportunity to contribute to and impact on the lives of children and young people, their families and staff in the most positive and beautiful way. It's an incredibly humbling and privileged role.

Welcome to Banora Point Public School. You have chosen an incredible school with a highly professional and dedicated staff who want nothing than the best for your child/ren.


Joanna Henderson Henderson