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Health and sickness

Medications At School

From time to time students may require the administration of medications at school. For other students, prescription medications are both a daily occurrence and necessity.  

Prescription Medications

For a prescription medicine to be administered at the school there are a range of practices and protocols that ensure the five rights are adhered to:

  • the right student
  • the right medication
  • the right dosage
  • the right time
  • right method

With this all NSW DoE schools require written advice from the prescribing doctor or medical professional regarding the prescription for the child. In administering prescription medication, NSW DoE schools require staff administering the medication to have completed specific training and to record (online) both when medications are received and when medications were administered. Medications are kept in both locked and refrigerated storage as needed.

The NSW DoE now prefers prescription medications to be provided to schools in 'blister packs' with exact dosage for each day / instance the medication is to be administered. 'Dossette boxes' are no longer accepted by the NSW DoE.

Any change in dosage, time and or medication type is to be provided to the school by the parent and will be written advice from the prescribing doctor medical professional.

Parents and carers of students who arrive at school with loose medications without written advice from the home will be contacted before any medication can be administered. In most cases parents and carers will be asked to complete the student health condition support form to be completed and returned to the school.

The administration of prescription medications is a very important task that our school takes very seriously and we thank parents and carers for your assistance.

Non-Prescribed Medications

Schools generally do not administer medication that has not been requested for an individual student's specific condition. In some cases the medical practitioner may not write a prescription for such medication because it may be available 'over the counter.' NSW Health advises that 'over the counter' medication may still be harmful and that schools should follow the same procedures for non-prescribed medications as for prescribed medications.

BPPS now has an electronic form for non-prescribed medications in the school's SchoolStream App. This form is available here and can also be filled out on your phone where you can use your finger to sign.


Prescribed Medication

permission form for medication to be administered at school.

Temporary Administration of Medication

Temporary Administration of Medication (Online form).

Also available on the SchoolStream app.

Too sick for school?

Generally, if your child feels unwell, keep them home from school and consult your doctor. The attached chart (PDF 1.68MB) and the information it contains is not intended to take place of a consultation with your doctor. You can also fill in an online form for your student absence below.

Online Absentee form (URL)