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Learning Support Team

Banora Point PS Learning Support Team

The Learning Support Team (LST) is a group of teachers that meet regularly with the school counsellor (Janene Skaines) to talk about the social, academic and welfare needs of each student.

The LST works together to make decisions about how we can help students in our school reach their potential.

If a teacher has any concerns about how a child in their class is going they might write a referral to the LST to get advice and strategies to help that child.

The LST will talk about the referral and decide what to do next to help the child.

At that stage the possible outcomes could be:

  • Learning and Support Team (LaST) teacher intervention. LaST teachers work in each stage supporting teachers to help assist and extend students in English and Mathematics. They can work in classrooms or with small groups.
  • Monitoring by the class teacher and referral to LST if concerns continue.
  • A meeting with parents to get more information.
  • A LST referral to Counsellor in which case we will ask for parent/carer permission. Counsellor support (emotional if school related).
  • Outside referral for example to the Family Centre, paediatrician, psychologist, occupational therapist, speech pathologist.

The learning support team will work with the family of the student so we can decide together how to support each student.

Please contact me at the school if you would like to talk about any of the information above.

Sue McArthur

Learning Support Team Coordinator